Internet Exploder was one of the first web browsers. It was invented by Bill Gates while he was on drugs.


One day in 1995, Bill Gates was in Switzerland, driving to his giant, IRS-proof bin full of money. However, when he got there, he saw that some random guy had stolen all of his money. He followed the guy to Al Gore's palace and caught him stealing the Internet (which was then in beta). Later, the guy gave Bill Gates some of his drugs. They decided to team up to make the Internet usable. The random guy improved the Internet itself, and Gates was supposed to make an usable web browser. However, due to being on drugs, Gates made an UNUSABLE web browser. He released it anyway, and put it in every copy of Windows 95. It was in all versions of Windows from then on until it was banned. In 2006, Mozzarella FireCheese, an actually usable web browser, was released and made available for free download. 99.99% of all Exploder users downloaded FireCheese. In 2007, Exploder was banned, because most people were using FireCheese anyway. In Windows Vista, Microsoft replaced Exploder with a backdoor disguised as a browser. Nowadays, the most popular web browser is Google Ultron.

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